Ticket of entry for Krokodille Zoo on Falster

Address: Ovstrupvej 9, 4863 Eskilstrup Show map

Address: Ovstrupvej 9, 4863 Eskilstrup

Have you ever met Medusa? The giant snake weighing over 100 kg. Requiring more than 8 men to lift her 6 metres long body! Or have you seen the enormous 2 kg frog, Storm? Have you felt the rush, when you suddenly stand beside Europe´s largest crocodile, Sobek, which is longer than 5 metres?

You can experience crocodiles of all sizes in Krokodille Zoo, and say hello to snakes, monkeys and giant tortoises, and as the only place in Denmark, you can see clouded leopards! René Hedegaard has build Krokodille Zoo as a matter near to his heart and is based on passion and strong values with absolute focus on crocodile and nature conservation.

His cooperation with several countries governments has resulted in species never before seen in Europe, found there way to Eskilstrup on Falster. Therefore as the only place in the world, he can present all 23 species. Krokodille Zoo plays a major role in the fight for crocodile conservation. When you buy a ticket, you also support crocodile conservation! Learn more about what it is that you support and all the different projects, when you come to visit Krokodille Zoo.

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