Ticket of entry for Krokodille Zoo on Falster

Adress: Ovstrupvej 9, 4863 Eskilstrup Visa karta

Adress: Ovstrupvej 9, 4863 Eskilstrup

Discover the past-historic animal kingdom both day and night and experience crocodiles of all sizes, including Europe's largest.

Learn about these amazing survivors and say goodbye to snakes, monkeys and giant turtles, and as the only place in Denmark you can also see wooden leopards.

Meet the giants
Have you ever met Medusa? The giant snake weighing over 100 kg. Requiring more than 8 men to lift her 6 metres long body. Or have you felt the rush, when you suddenly stand besides Europe’s largest crocodile, Sobek, who is longer than 5 metres?
Behind the scenes
Krokodille Zoo is a matter near to our heart and is based on passion and strong values with absolute focus on crocodile and nature conservation. Krokodille Zoo plays a major role in the fight for crocodile conservation.
You make a difference
When you buy a ticket, you also support crocodile conservation. Learn more about what it is that you support and about all the different projects, when you come to visit Krokodille Zoo.
Your visit
The most important thing to us, is for you to enjoy your visit and have an exciting experience, which hopefully gives an understanding of how magnificent crocodiles are, and how crucial it is to preserve them.
The darkness lies heavily over the palms and water basins of the Krokodille Zoo. Gentle ripple from running water and a scream from a bird is filling the silence. It puzzles a bit in the bush - and then suddenly it glances in a red-eye that is hit by the light from a flashlight. Sobek has risen - and he is hungry.
In the late evening, you can meet Sobek, Denmark's only clouded leopards and all their friends for a truly unique experience, when Krokodille Zoo holds NatZoo.

High season: June 15 through August 31. Opening hours: 10 - 17
Also: danish holidays, week 7 and 42
Low season: September 1st through November 30th. February 1st through June 14th. Opening hours 12 - 16
Except: danish holidays, week 7 and 42
NatZoo: whole July from 22 - 24 and week 42 at 20 - 22.
Closed: December and January

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